Venue Finder

How do you get listed on the Venue Finder? Can I get a place/my venue included?

We add venues to both this Venue Finder and our Google Map based on a number of factors. Does the venue offer enough of a craft beer/real ale selection? Is it a welcoming venue? Is it well-known enough within the local scene for the types of venues we usually list?

However, if there's enough demand for a venue to be added, we will. There's no fees for getting listed either, but the venue must ideally fit within our listings criteria where possible.

We also regularly remove venues which have since closed or no longer fit the criteria above. We strive to keep all our information as up-to-date and useful as possible.

Although we are known as Leeds Beer, we still include venues just outside or around Leeds as well, otherwise we feel some great places on the borderline would be sadly missed. To clarify, our coverage area is anywhere within Leeds (with an LS postcode), and everywhere roughly 30km from Leeds city centre (at our discretion). Our coverage area is subject to change at any time.

If you are a venue who is already listed and would like to update your information in our directory, just contact us via email or on our socials and this can usually be done within 24 hours.