BrewDog Tap Takeover at Dry Dock

Think you know BrewDog?

Discover classic tipples such as the beer that started it all – Punk IPA – and new favourites including Indie Pale Ale 2, Sonic Boom, Elvis Juice and 5AM Saint.

BrewDog AGM 2018

Now the hangovers have eased off and we’ve all recovered for another year, it’s time to reflect on Annual General Mayhem, where diehard Equity Punks descend upon Aberdeen for the annual BrewDog AGM. In total, around 8,000 attended for a day of good beer, good music and an all-round good atmosphere (oh, and for some actual BrewDog business updates too). Continue reading “BrewDog AGM 2018”

ArcadeDog – Freeplay Arcade Mondays

Welcome to ARCADE DOG, please press start.

Our weekly free to play arcade sessions, in collaboration with CamRAM & BrewDog Bar Leeds

Every Monday our Street Fighter II, House of the Dead 2 and Pac Man cabinets will be free to play all day and night.

We’re expecting a new arcade cabinet drop in May, after which all our new cabs will be free play, every Monday! 👾

BrewDog AGM

The yearly Annual General Mayhem by BrewDog for Equity Punks.

BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa is here

BrewDog Intergalactic Beer VisaAs I’m sure most craft beer lovers are I’m also a BrewDog Equity Punk. Since I bought shares I’ve been hoping BrewDog would release something like the Intergalactic Beer Visa, and now they’ve done just that.

You collect stamps and in return collect rewards. There’s a number of groups such as bars in Scotland, bars in England, etc, and each completion of a group entitles you to a free pint of Punk IPA. Visiting 40 bars entitles you to a ‘This is 40’ reward, but I’m not entirely sure what this is. Must be something substantial as you have to send your passport off at this point to BrewDog to claim it. Continue reading “BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa is here”