8th August 2022

Andy Hart general

Supporting Leeds Beer

You might not realise it, but over here at Leeds Beer we don't actually make any money from our mission of promoting the craft beer scene in and around Leeds, we simply do this because we love it, and this has been the case since we started out back in 2018.

However, we feel like we have more to give, with big ideas on how to further promote the scene in general, as well as the fantastic local businesses that thrive within it. Server bills and domains cost money. Generating new content for you to consume takes time. New ideas require funding in some way, and that's where you can help.

We have recently just launched our very own online shop, where you can pick up some fantastic merch which we'll keep updating and adding to as often as we can. Let us know if there's any products you'd love to see on there and we'll do our best to add them - we love feedback!

One of the ideas we also have lined up is an annual charity tee, where sponsorship from local businesses combined with sales revenue will be split 50/50 between local charities and ourselves, both keeping us alive, as well as helping to do some good. More plans on this will be announced shortly...

Any profits we make from Leeds Beer will go straight back into Leeds Beer, whether it be promotion of the scene, planning trips to generate new and exciting content, or simply just visiting our neighbouring pubs & bars and reviewing the newest beers from our locals.

Other revenue streams just don't float our boat really, including annoying ads scattered over our site, or sponsored posts. We don't feel like these naturally promote the scene, and believe content can be better than that. However, if and when we ever do accept paid promotions from businesses (including free gifts), we will always be transparent and make this known. We never ask for freebies, but will always graciously accept any if offered to us.

Finally, if you don't fancy spending a huge amount on merch, you can also donate as much (or as litte) to Leeds Beer as you like, at any time, via this link - enough for a coffee or a pint is always welcomed, whilst we work on brand new content 😍. We are also looking into a good way to reward anyone who donates to us in this way.

We're still fully committed to promote the local scene in the best way we possibly can, and we're only just getting started... 🙌🏻